House Atreides,a noble family, is sent to the planet Arrakis to get the key to civilization, the production of spice, back on track. But they soon find themselves embroiled in  a war for control of that very spice. as they are betrayed by Hose Harkonnen who sets forth events in motion that will change the universe forever.  All the while a young Paul Attreides finds himself caught in it all as he sees visions of a girl on the planet Arrakis, while also coming to terms with the possibility that he is some sort of messiah!  We take a look at 2021's sci-fi epic this week and discuss Dune.

We also dive into the upcoming remake of The Crow and discuss some films that should not be remade.  We talk about the first episode of the new FX series Shogun as well as the 1984 version of Dune and also a preview of next week's film, Captain America: The Winter Soldier.