Bruce Wayne a.k.a. Batman must face the changes upon him in Gotham City, as The Joker comes up with a new plan to make sure the Batman needs him in his life.  All the while he adopts an orphan who wants to be his sidekick while the villains gather to attack the city int he ultimate battle!  Along the way Batman realizes that being a loner isn't all that cool & the biggest challenge he may ever face is accepting that Batman sometimes needs help too!  We discuss The Lego Batman Movie this week in our Back To School Special!

We also discuss Blue Beetle this week in things we watched along with Star Trek: Strange New Worlds & more!  We go back to Saturday mornings and discuss the cereal and most importantly the cartoons we would have watched on those most fun  mornings!  All the latest geek news is talked about of course and a preview of next week's episode, Star Wars: The Clone Wars!