John Woo's classic from 1986 tells the story of two brothers, one a young new cop, the other a former gangster trying to reform his ways.As they attempt to reconcile their kinship, the triads make it difficult for former gangster Ho to get away from the former life while his younger brother Kit is torn between upholding the law and protecting his brother.  It's a emotional tale of double crosses, gangsters, and two brothers trying to find a safe future in the classic action film that spawned a genre of it's own!  We discuss John Woo's heroic blood shed classic for Mark's 2023 birthday pick, A Better Tomorrow.

We also talk some things we watched this week including Transformers: Rise Of The Beasts, talk the latest news including is Wonder Woman 3 going to happen or not, and we dicuss next wee's film, Howl's Moving Castle!