Bumblebee is sent to Earth by the Autobot leader Optimus Prime when Cybertron falls to the evil Decipticons.  While on Earth Bumblebee is to be the planet's guardian and keep a watchful eye until Optimus can reunite the Autobots..  But it's more than meets the eye as two Decipticons infiltrate the US military with a plan to broadcast a single to bring the rest of the evil Transformers to Earth.  It's up to Bumblebee & his human friend Charlie to hatch a plan to stop the Decipticons and keep Earth safe.  It's fun thrill ride of a movie as we discuss Bumblebee on this week's show.

We also go fairly spoiler free in discussing Spider-Man: Across The Spider-verse this week, plus the latest news including trailers for Ahsoka & Justice League: World War, and a preview of next week's film, Christopher Nolan's Tenet.