When Al Simmons is set up, double crossed, and killed, he makes a deal with the devil himself to return to Earth to finish one last task and in return lead hell's army just so he can see his wife one last time. The good in him though makes him realize he will not be the devil's pawn and in turn fights against the forces of evil including the gruesome Violator and the man who crossed him, Jason Wynn.  Michael Jai White stars in the adaption of the popular Todd McFarlane comic book, Spawn.

We also discuss The Super Mario Bros. Movie this week, the penultimate episode of season 3 of The Mandalorian, all the awesome Star Wars news that came from Celebration Europe, as well as the new trailer for Indiana Jones & The Dial Of Destiny!  Plus This Month In Pop Culture History and a preview of next week's film, Green Lantern,