You just saw it win Best Picture at the Oscars & now hear us discuss it. (Note this was recorded before the Oscars). As Evelyn & her husband Waymond's family business is teetering on the brink of failure & their marriage on the rocks, the adventure of a lifetime begins as Evelyn finds her self guided through the multiverse to stop an evil that will destroy all universes if she doesn't find a way it! Multiple versions of her husband become her guide as she learns to maneuver the multiverse and do what she must to stop the evil.  Along the way though she will discover so much more about herself, her family, and what being a family truly means in the incredible Everything Everywhere All At Once!\

We discuss the latest episodes of The Mandalorian & The Last OF Us this week as well, plus all the latest geek news, talk the Oscar's a bit & preview next week's film, John Wick Chapter 2!