Adonis "Creed" Johnson was living in group homes until his famed father's wife gives him a home & a path to a good education.  Despite all of this he has a fighter's blood & will running through him.  He seeks out the man who knew his father like no other, former heavy weight champion of the world, Rocky Balboa.  Rocky is reluctant at first to train Adonis but the young man's persistence & his will to fight wins the aged fighter over & the two begin down a path that will forge their bond towards a battle in the ring & in life!  Sylvester Stallone & Michael B. Jordan star in the Ryan Coogler film, Creed!

We also talk the season 3 premiere of The Mandalorian this week, the new episode of The Last Of Us, talk the career of Tom Sizemore, & all the latest pop culture news bits.  Plus a preview of next week's film, Everything Everywhere All At Once!