When the world is threatened by Steppenwolf & the coming onslaught of the mighty Darkseid, Batman & Wonder Woman recruit other meta humans in hopes of stopping the darkness that is headed towards planet Earth.  They must find Aquaman, Cyborg, & The Flash and band together to stop Steppenwolf from using the Mother Boxes to create the Unity & allow for the evil Darkseid to cross over.  Before it's over though they must do the unthinkable and bring back Earth's greatest hero of all, as he may be their only hope!  We take a look this week at the full 4 hour Zack Snyder's Justice League!

We also talk the latest geek news this week including some Godzilla & Spider-Man television news, take a look at the latest episode of The Last Of Us, and preview next week's film, Demolition Man!