Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from The Rebel Radio Podcast as we present our final episode of the year!  Our annual Christmas Batman episode is here as Batman has not been seen for 8 years following the Joker's reign of terror on Gotham and the fall of Harvey Dent.  As a new threat emerges in the mastermind mercenary known as Bane, Bruce Wayne must rise from the darkness & wear the cape & cowl once more.  It's the fight of Batman's life both physically & mentally as he must meet Bane face to face and over come his own demons to save Gotham once again.  Christopher Nolan finishes his Batman trilogy with the spectacular The Dark Knight Rises!

We also discuss our Top 5 films of 2022, pick some movies we are looking forward to in 2023, talk the latest pop culture news, tell you what we have watched lately in Download This & look back on the past  year of the podcast!  We then preview our first film of the new year when we return in two weeks with the animated classic, Spirited Away!