In this weeks very special episode we go back to 1992 and look at the comic event that shook the world with the death of Superman.  Which leads into this week's double feature as we talk the animated DC films, The Death Of Superman & it's sequel Reign Of Superman!  Doomsday arrives on Earth marching across it in search of Kal-El as the man of steel must battle this unstoppable foe to save the world. Superman faces off with the monster and makes the ultimate sacrifice in The Death Of Superman  As the world mourns the loss of their hero, four Supermen arrive to fill the void left.  But not all is as it seems as they each have different agendas.  Will Superman return in time to stop the Reign Of The Supermen?!  We discuss this double feature of animated adaptions  of the classic comic book stories!

We also pay tribute this week to the great Kevin Conroy who passed away on November 10th.  We take a look back at his legacy as the definitive voice of Batman and the gift that he left the world in his passing.  We remember Kevin Conroy and pay our respects to the man who is Batman!

We talk Black Panther: Wakanda Forever as well this week, the latest geek news, and a preview of next week's film, Signs in this jam packed double feature episode!