It's time for Matt's birthday movie pick this year as we go back to 1968.  Steve McQueen stars as hard nosed Detective Frank Bullitt as a star witness under his protection is killed, Bullitt opens his own investigation to find out who is behind the murder.  As he deals with his own personal life, along with a irritating politician, Bullitt must solve the murder and bring to justice those responsible.  It's a classic detective story with one of the most thrilling car chases ever filmed as Steve McQueen stars in Bullitt!

In Download This we discuss some things we watched this week including The Lord Of The Rings: Rings Of Power, Jurassic World: Dominion & Top Gun: Maverick!  We also have some fun with Matt as we roast him a bit over our friendships with him for his birthday.  We also discuss the latest news and get ready for next week's movie, Pulp Fiction.