Gotham City is full of corruption & crime but when a vigilante known as The Riddler starts to murder government officials, it's up to the good cops on the GCPD and The Batman to solve the crime.  The Riddler plays his sadistic game as the mystery unfolds and Batman discovers just hope deep it goes from the mob boss Falcone to the legacy of his own parents!  Matt Reeves directs a wonderful cast in the brand new film, The Batman!  We discuss the new Batman film in it's entirety and be warned. it's full of spoilers!

In Duel Of The Nerds we discuss if Batman should kill or why he should not in this week's epic duel!  We discuss the latest news and in Download This we tell you what we watched or played this week!  We then preview next week's film, Men In Black!


  1. hey dad its me your son mikael i love you and what your doing with the podcast and batson is still here


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