Maverick is a young hot shot pilot who strives to be the best of the best at the military's top fighter school.  As he falls in love & feels tension from his biggest competitor Iceman, Maverick must stay the course to graduation.  But after the lose of his best friend to an accident, he has to pull himself together to take on a foreign threat to the United States and prove that he can follow in his father's footsteps to be the best.  Tom Cruise stars with Val Kilmer & Anthony Edwards int eh Tony Scott directed classic, Top Gun!

In this week's Top 5 we discuss the top movie planes, in Download This we give our review of the latest MCU film, Black WIdow, and discuss the passing of  Richard Donner in the news.  We then preview next week's film as we get ready for Comicpalooza this year by talking Machete!