Tensions run high on the nuclear submarine U.S..S. Alabama after Russian forces make threats that could lead to all out war.  When an incomplete message comes through that could determine whether the sub launches or not, Captain Ramsey and his First Officer Hunter, trade blows in the chain of command as to what the next move is or not.  Trigger happy Ramsey wants to launch based on the last message but Hunter thinks otherwise and will do what he must to assure that the weapons don't launch & keep them from making what could be a costly mistake that affects the world!  Watch Gene Hackman & Denzel Washington go toe to toe in the Tony Scott directed thriller, Crimson Tide!

In Download This we recap this week's spectacular episode of The Mandalorian, in the Top we talk our favorite face offs between actors, and in the news we discuss another big film possibly coming to streaming services. We then preview next week's film, 12 Monkeys!