Harry Callahan is a hard nosed cop who likes to push the rules to the edge.  But when the Scorpio killer holds San Fransisco on edge, the man they call "Dirty" Harry may be pushed to the edge when the bad guys push back against his hard nosed tough as nails persona!  It's one of the great cop movies ever made as Clint Eastwood stars in the 1971 classic, Dirty Harry.  We discuss the brilliance of this film, the famous quotes, & go behind the scenes as we talk a true crime classic!

In Download This we discuss Birds Of Prey, the series finale of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, & we introduce a new segment this episode titled The Weekly Top 5 as this week we bring you our Top 5 Movie Cops!  We also discuss the latest news including Boba Fett appearing in The Mandalorian & preview next week's film as we discuss Chuck Norris in The Delta Force!