In the not so distant future, Max roams the wastelands mourning the lose of his wife & child, while also surviving the treacherous landscapes, marauders, & other unsavory characters.  The Humungus wants to take what isn't his from a group of settlers.  He wants the most precious of resources, gasoline, & will do anything to obtain it.  The loner Max joins the settlers in a battle for survival to stop The Humungus & his crew.  In doing so he will be come something more than a legend.  He will become The Road Warrior in George Miller's 1981 classic!

We discuss this fantastic sequel this week as well as a mini review of the Vin Diesel film Bloodshot.  We discuss some news finally this week as we get our first look at Dune, look at the latest news on the cancellation of the San Diego Comic Con, Justice League Dark coming to HBO Max & more!  We then preview our final sequel for The Sequels That Made Us Month as we get ready to talk James Cameron's Aliens next week!