Alien creatures have terrorized the planet using ultra sensitive hearing to hunt and  annihilate us to the brink of extinction. After the lose of their young son a family struggles to survive with their two other children continuing their plan to survive while preparing to bring a baby into a world in which sound means death!  John Krasinski directs & stars with Emily Blunt in the suspenseful & horrifying 2018 film, A Quiet Place. We take a look back at the film as we get ready for the sequel to hit theaters.....sometime this year we hope!

We also hope to allow you to escape for an hour amongst the fears of the world as we tell you about Knives Out & Midway in Download This.  We also talk about the effect of COVID-19 is having on Hollywood as the we move forward & see what the future may hold!  But no worries we plan to keep on podcasting and next week we look back at Kevin Smith's Mallrats! Enjoy!

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