A S.W.A.T. team is sent into a tenement to take down a ruthless drug lord.  What they find is a 40 story building full of killers, gangsters, & thugs ready to protect their boss & stop at nothing to keep the police from reaching their destination.  What they didn't count on was young Officer Rama & his fighting abilities, will to survive, & his wits to do what must be done & stop the villains once & for all!  It's the Indonesian martial arts epic from director Gareth Evans on this week's episode as we talk the instant classic, The Raid: Redemption.  We are joined by friend & fellow podcaster Matt Ramirez as we discuss one of his favorite flicks this week!

We also discuss what we watched this week in Download This, discuss the latest news including another possible Star Wars movie in development, Disney continuing the Planet Of The Apes franchise & so much more on this week's show!  WE also preview next week's film as we take on Zach Snyder's epic comic book film, 300.