In the crime riddled future of Detroit big corporation has taken over & the biggest of them all, OCP plans to reshape the city in their vision but first, they must make the streets safe again!  After Officer Murphy is brutally murdered the corporation turns him into a cyborg cop that is under their control.  Murphy searches to regain some humanity that's left meanwhile getting revenge on his killers & bringing down the greedy OCP.  Peter Weller stars in the 1987 ultra violent classic, Robocop!  We are glad to welcome Jason Elliot back to the show from Bayou City Geeks as he discusses this classic with us & so much more!

We also talk the Sonic The Hedgehog movie in Download This, news on the cast of the animated He-Man Netflix series, the new bat suit from next years The Batman, & touch on several other topics with our guest Jason.  We then preview next week's episode in which we will discuss The Raid: Redemption!

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