When a prisoner transport plane is taken over by  Cyrus The Virus Grissom it's up to Army Ranger Cameron Poe to save the day as he is hitching a ride home to reunite with his wife and daughter.  It's a thrill ride of craziness as Diamond Dog, Garland Green, Billy Bedlam, & more off the wall criminals wreak havoc in this explosive fun action flick from 1997, Con Air!  We welcome Brandon from The Cult 45 Podcast to talk this spectacular action film from director Simon West!

We rip into Con Air discussing the films in's & out's and why we appreciate it so much!  Plus just how did Cyrus get all that plaster into his jail cell?  We have a theory!  We also tell you what we have watched lately in Download This, discuss the latest news, plus ramblings on Aquaman, being surprised by movies, & strange sex.  We hit it all in this episode as well as preview next week's flick, the original 1987 Robocop!  Enjoy!

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