In order to stop him, he must become him! Police officer Sean Archer  has tracked the terrorist who killed his son for years and finally gets him.  But just when he thinks its all over, Castor Troy has one last gift in the form of a bomb in Los Angeles that could wipe the city.  With no choice left Archer under goes an experimental procedure swapping faces with Archer, essentially becoming him!    The bomb is stopped but not before Troy awakes & he too gets a new face in the form of Archer!  A war is waged as the villain does dastardly things in his new body while Archer tries to stay alive in order to get his life back & sto the criminal!  It's wild ride from master action director John Woo as Nicolas Cage & John Travolta star in this modern classic, Face/Off!

We also discuss the passing of NBA legend Kobe Bryant & his daughter.  We look back on our memories of Bryant as a player & discuss why the world mourns someone we only knew from the outside looking in.  He will be missed as we say goodbye to Kobe Bryant.  We also talk what we have watched or played in Download This, the latest news including two new Transformers films on the way, & then preview next week's film in which we will be joined by the Cult 45 Podcast as we discuss another 90's gem, Con-Air!