We welcome former active duty Marine Rob from the Random Rambling's w/ Rob podcast to this episode as this time the mission is a man.  Captain John Miller & his squad must trek across the landscape of a brutal world war to save Private Francis Ryan so they can send him home after his three brothers are killed in combat.  Steven Spielberg's masterpiece tells the story of these men as they question their motivations, their lives, & what they endure for the freedoms of the men next to them, those back home, & the value of saving one soldier's life!  It's a perfect film to cover for our 100th film as we discuss 1998's war classic, Saving Private Ryan. Rob brings in  his own perspective on this classic movie from the mind of someone who served & has seen things from the other side & how he relates to what these men went through in 1944 & so much more.  

It's not all serious business though as we talk about Rob's show, various thing sin life such as Rob's military career, kids, & much more!  We discuss what we have watched or played lately in Download This, talk the latest news including the Morbius trailer & Joker's Oscar nominations. We conclude by previewing next week's film, Star Trek II The Wrath Of Khan & huge thank you to Rob for coming on the show! Enjoy!

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