Buttercup believes her true love Westley to be killed at sea by the Dread Pirate Roberts.  She is to be married to Prince Humperdinck whom she does not love but not before she is kidnapped by Vizzini & his associates.  It isn't long before they are being chased by Dread Pirate Roberts himself but as battles of swordplay, strength,  & wits ensue Buttercup is soon rescued and finds out that the Pirate is really her true love Westley as they are reunited at last!  The adventure doesn't end there as they must still keep Humperdinck from going through with his quest to make Buttercup his bride.  Will Westley keep Buttercup his?  Will Inigo get revenge for his father's murder?  All your answers are here as you wish in one of the greatest adventure films ever made as we discuss the classic, The Princess Bride!

We also discuss what we have watched or played this week in Download This, discuss the news as Doctor Strange 2 looks for a new director, that Firefly remake news, & a Willow Disney Plus series.  We then preview next week's film as we get ready for the 100th film we will have covered as we discuss the classic war drama, Saving Private Ryan!