A vigilante is killing off crime bosses in Gotham City & cutting into the Black Mask's business.  Batman & Nightwing discover that things are not as they seem with a new player in town  Could this Red Hood be connected with the grisly murder of Batman's former sidekick Robin at the hand's of the Joker?  Or is there something far more sinister at work than even the Dark Knight himself realizes?  We look back at one of the best of the DC Animated Films with the movie adaption of Batman: Under The Red Hood!

We also talk The Mandalorian season finale in Download This, as well as some video games we have been playing lately!  It's also the end of the decade of the 2010s so we look back at some popular pop culture moments from the last ten years but that's not all!  We also talk our ten favorite films of the decade as it was quite a good decade at the movies & we take a look back down memory lane!  We then preview next week's film, Street Fighter II The Animated Movie in this extended year ending episode of the show!