Who watches the Watchmen?  In an alternate world set in 1985 history is much different than we remember it.  The world is on the brink of nuclear destruction & the US is hoping that former Watchmen Dr. Manhattan can be their savior. Meanwhile a conspiracy is unfolding as one of the heroes known as the Comedian has been murdered, sending their counterpart Rorschach on an investigation to find who & why someone is coming after them.  What he finds may very well change the world more than ever!  In a world headed to the brink it may need heroes more than ever, but do the Watchmen have a place in this world anymore if they can't even save themselves from each other? We look back at Zach Snyder's polarizing 2009 adaption of the famous graphic novel, Watchmen!

In this week's Download This we have our weekly recap of the latest episode of The Mandalorian plus other cool things we consumed into our imaginations this week!  We also talk that lost Star Wars script in this week's news and we then get ready for next week as we take a sneak peek at the James Bond classic, The Spy Who Loved Me.