In the distant future, the Judge's are the police force, jury, and executioner all in one in the United States city of Mega City One!  Judge Dredd is the best of the best and when he is called in with his rookie partner Anderson for a drug bust, they get more than they bargained for, or is that the other way around.  Chaos ensues as Dredd & Anderson go floor to floor to take on Ma Ma's gangsters in an action comic book epic like none you have seen before.  Karl Urban stars in Dredd.  We discuss this modern classic based on the popular comic book character!  

We also tell you our Top 5 favorite non Marvel/DC comic book movies, as well as talk some more about the Joker movie in Download This along with Terminator: Dark Fate.  We talk the new The Mandalorian trailer, Ant-Man 3 is coming, & so is Into The Spider-verse 2!  All this plus a preview of next week's episode when we talk the twist filled magic film, The Prestige!