EPISODE 168 - ARMY OF DARKNESS (Live AT Misfit Toys)

Ed. Note: We apologize for some of the sound quality of this episode as things happen when doing a remote live show but none the less, it's still a great show! Enjoy!

Join us as we record live from Misfit Toys in Houston, Texas as Halloween Horrors Month continues! This week we travel back in time as Ash fights against the evil dead armies of his doppelganger in Sam Raimi's classic Army Of Darkness!  Bruce Campbell stars as Ash in the cult classic that gave us lies like "Give me some sugar baby!" & crazy creatures, evil lurking everywhere, & some comedy gold as only could be delivered in this comedy horror classic! We go behind the scenes & talk live from Misfit Toys! 

We are then joined by Daniel, owner of Misfit Toys, as we discuss our 5 scariest moments in film history!  Alien, Jaws, Freddy Krueger, & many more iconic horror films make the cut!  Listen & find out if yours did!  We also tell you what we have watched in Download This, give you the latest news including where you can stream Studio Ghibli films, & preview our final film in Halloween Horrors Month, the animated tale, Paranorman!