Cillian Murphy stars as Jim, who wakes up in a world that doesn't resemble the one before he woke.  He soon finds out that a virus has spread across London turning the city into a wasteland of survival where people lose control when infected by the rage virus, turning them into zombie like shells of their former selves.  When Jim meets Selena it becomes a mission to get to safety & survive in this dreadful terrifying new world in Danny Boyle's groundbreaking classic, 28 Days Later!

Also on the show, we tell you the things we would grab from our homes if we only had 3 minutes to get out of the house in the wake of a zombie apocalypse!  Also, Long shares another Spooky Story To Tell On A Podcast, Matt about loses his shit during it, plus we talk things we have watched in Download This, the latest news on Joker, Star Trek: Picard, & more!  We then preview next week's episode featuring A Nightmare On Elm Street 3 Dream Warriors as Halloween Horrors month continues!