Halloween Horrors 2019 begins as Dracula has returned to take over the Earth and he is getting help from his friends!  The Wolf Man, Gil Man, Frankenstein, & The Mummy are all here to wreak havoc but not if a group of young teenagers can stop them!  These young boys believe in the stories of great evil monsters & it's up to them to open a portal to send the monsters away before they destroy everything & everyone!  The Monster Squad is here to save the day in this cult horror classic!

We also tell you our three favorite monsters of all time from each of us, plus Long has the first of his month long Spooky Stories To Tell On A Podcast in this episode!  Let's just say it may not be safe to go to Disney World after all!  We also talk the latest news including Spider-Man is staying n the MC for now, Kevin Fiege is developing a Star Wars flick, & Jurassic World 3 has some familiar faces joining it!  We then preview next week's Halloween Horrors flick, 28 Days Later!