When a starship crew investigates  a distant colony that has gone silent, they find just Dr. Morbius & his daughter as the only ones left alive.  Morbius is intent on staying & seemingly covering up a dark secret.  As the crew investigates they discover more than they ever expected in this science fiction classic.  We are joined by Robb Zipp from The Most Epic Adventures ins discussing the classic film that influenced the likes of George Lucas & Gene Roddenberry in 1956's Forbidden Planet!

We also discuss some of Robb's adventures that his Youtube show The Most Epic Adventures is set against & he continues a tradition started last week with an epic ghost story!  We also talk the new Tool album in Download This, preview some fall movies that are coming out including the new trailers from Joker & Terminator: Dark Fate, as well as talk the amazing Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker footage from D23!  We then preview next week's episode for Matt's birthday choice, Last Action Hero!

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