The man known as Monco is a bounty killer, a man who collects the rewards for wanted outlaws.  He meets Colonol Mortimer who shares his profession & they come to discover the whereabouts of the ruthless Indio.  A bank robber who recently escaped from prison with help from his gang and they plan to strike the bank of El Paso.  After discovering the grisly past of Indio, Monco & Mortimer decide a fragile partnership will benefit both of them as they hunt for one of the greatest Western film villains of all time. Clint Eastwood & Lee Van Cleef star in the Sergio Leon directed Spaghetti Western classic, For A Few Dollars More!  We look back at what makes this film possibly the best of The Dollars Trilogy & why Sergio Leone is one of our great film directors of all time!

We also talk what we watched this week in Download This, discuss the latest news including The Irsihman trailer, Guillermo del Toro's next film & more!  Plus since we forgot about The Neverending Story theme song last week, we more than make up for it this week!  Just listen & see!  We then preview next week's film, the anime classic, Fist Of The North Star.