We are joined on this episode by Sam & Lynsie from the Home On The Strange podcast to discuss this week's film & so much more!  Two Americans, Jack & David, are enjoying the British countryside when they are strangely attacked outside of a small mysterious town!  When David finds out he is the only survivor of the attack he is visited by his dead friend Jack who tells him that he will change into an evil monster if he doesn't take his own life soon & release Jack from limbo.  David is in disbelief at first as things continue to spiral out of control as he questions his sanity before finally changing into what he was warned about & becomes a werewolf!  John Landis directs this horror classic with one of the most amazing werewolf transformation scenes ever filmed in An American Werewolf In London!  

We discuss this classic film in full with insight from this week's guest & also learn about what Home On The Strange podcast is, our guests tell you what they have been watching (or listening to) in Download This, we talk the latest news including the trailer for Star Wars: The Mandalorian, Spider-Man leaving the MCU, & a fierce Wonder Woman vs Captain Marvel debut ensues on the show!  Plus Lynsie brought not one but two ghost stories to share with us then we preview next week's film, the 1956 sci-fi classic, Forbidden Planet!

Follow Home On The Strange on Twitter @homestrangepod & a huge thank you to them for coming onto the show!