Young Sebastian finds a mysterious book that as he begins to read takes him away to the world of Fantasia where a Childlike Empress needs the help of the noble warrior Atreyu to save the world from the evil being known as The Nothing.  Atreyu journeys across Fantasia meeting all kinds of fantastical characters along the way, meets great challenges, & has a run in with the evil Gmork, solider of The Nothing!  We discuss this family fantasy classic that brings us back to our childhood, & somehow we turn it R-rated!  It's a fun adventure looking back at this classic.

We also discuss Alita Battle Angel in Download This, talk Deadpool build a bears, take a look at Warner Brothers New Gods flick, & finally discuss the Jay & Silent Bob Reboot trailer!  All this plus we talk crap about Jimmy Fallon & preview next week's film, the Clint Eastwood classic, For A Few Dollars More!