Who you gonna call?  In the summer of 1984 it was these guys weren't afraid of no ghosts as Dan Akroyd, Bill Murray, Harold Ramis, & Ernie Hudson are the Ghostbusters!  Director Ivan Reitman brings this paranormal blockbuster to the screen as three former professors decide to set up shop and form a ghost hunting business as they discover a ghastly plot to destroy New York City.  This paranormal comedy classic is beloved by many and we dive into the classic that is the Ghostbusters!

We also have a ton of news as this years San Diego Comic-Con is now complete!  We talk the huge Marvel Phase 4 news as we discuss what is to come for the Marvel Cinematic Universe!   Plus trailers for Top Gun: Maverick, The Witcher, Star Trek: Picard & much more to talk about from this years Comic-Con! Make sure you listen as we discuss the tragedy at the Kyoto Animation Studio in Japan & how you can help them out! We then wrap it all up with a preview of next week's film, Robert Rodriguez's Desperado!