In 1993 160 elite US soldiers went into Somalia to capture a renegade warlord.  What was suppose to be a simple in and out mission turns into a deadly firefight for their lives after two black hawk choppers are downed by the enemy.  Ridley Scott directs an amazing cast of actors in telling the story based on actual events from the 1993 mission.  Black Hawk Down is their story to make sure no man is left behind in this exhilarating & breath taking film from 2001.  For our special Memorial Day episode we discuss this modern war film & pay tribute to those who have served their countries across the world.

We also tell you what we have watched lately in Download This, discuss the latest news on a possible Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic movie, Akira coming to the big screen, and will the Spawn reboot ever happen, & that Terminator: Dark Fate trailer!  We then preview next week's film 2009's Star Trek, and Matt may have fallen asleep during the show!  Enjoy!