We are back from Comicpalooza and on the case of the mystery of who framed Roger Rabbit!  The 1998 film directed by Robert Zemeckis stars Bob Hoskins & Christopher Lloyd as famous Toon star Roger Rabbit is set up for the murder of Marvin Acme.  Private Investigator Eddie Valiant hates Toons though but takes the case as he deals with the sultry Jessica Rabbit, Roger's wife, as well as Judge Doom's minions who insist on capturing Roger and sentencing him to death in the dip!  It's a live action animation blended classic like no other as we talk Who Framed Roger Rabbit!

We also give a full report as we have returned from Comicpalooza and tell you all about the fun we had at the show!  Some great time on panels, our live show, & seeing the sites and sounds of Houston's biggest pop culture convention!  We also tlak the latest news including the latest Batman casting news, Rick & Morty are back, and more!  We then preview next week's film, the modern war film from 2001, Black Hawk Down.