EPISODE 141 - DISTRICT 9 (Live From Misfit Toys)

Aliens are living on our planet in the slums of the an area known as District 9 in South Africa!  It's up to one man to try to hand out eviction notices as they attempt to move all of the aliens.  It turns into much more than he bargained for as his world crumbles around him as he tries to survive while uncovering sinister details about District 9 itself.  It's Neil Blomkamp's directorial debut film  District 9 & we discuss it live from Misfit Toys in Houston, Texas!

That's right we recorded this episode live at Misfit Toys where we speak to Daniel the owner of this very cool nostalgic store in town.  We discuss how Misfit Toys got started, why Transformers means so much to him, some of his favorite toys & much more!  We also tell you what we have watched or streamed this week including that awesome new trailer for Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker! We then discuss the latest news, get you ready for Comicpalooza 2019 & are joined by Zach in the shop who adds his two cents into the fun!  We then preview next week's episode, 1979's Alien, as Space & Beyond Month continues!

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