Space & Beyond Month continues as we look back at the cult classic science fiction film, Enemy Mine.  Dennis Quaid & Louis Gossett Jr. star in this Wolfgang Peterson film as a long space war looms on between the humans and the Dracs.  Quaid is human pilot Davidge who crash lands on a hostile planet with a Drac solider named Jeriba.  First they set out to kill or capture one another but quickly realize to survive they must put their differences aside & join forces.  A friendship like no other develops as their quest for survival reveals that sometimes your enemies can be your closes friends!  We take a look at this cult classic & go behind the scenes of the production, the film itself, & more!

We also discuss if DC Universe is worth it in Download This, talk that new Joker trailer, idiots spending thousands for Avengers: Endgame tickets, & talk some of our favorite cult classic sci-fi flicks!  We then preview next weeks flick, District 9, which we will be recording live at Misfit Toys!