Join us down the rabbit hole as Neo unlocks the secrets of The Matrix to save the world in this cyberpunk classic!  We celebrate 20 years since The Matrix hit theaters changing the game when it comes to science fiction as we look back behind the scenes at what it took to bring this film to the big screen.  From getting the studio to believe in the script, extensive training, & the creation of bullet time!  We chat about this film that is as visually stunning today as it was in 1999 and blew our minds then & continues to do so now!  Join us as we talk The Matrix!

We also have some fun in casting The Matrix if it was made today, plus a look back at as Batman turns 80 and we answer some burning Batman questions for you all!  Plus the latest news, Download This, & an announcement for an upcoming live show from us, plus we begin the journey to Comicpalooza 2019 in which we will once again be part of the show!  Plus a preview of next week's episode featuring the 80's cult classic Enemy Mine!