You will believe a man can fly!  For 40 years Superman The Movie has entertained audiences and movie lovers across the world and in this episode Mark & Matt look back at this all time classic.  He fights for truth, justice, & the American way as young Kal-El is sent to Earth from the dying planet Krypton.  On Earth he gains amazing abilities that make him a Superman amongst humans as he fights against evil in the world and villains such as Lex Luthor!  We celebrate 40 years of Superman The Movie by looking at the amazing cast performances, the score of John Williams & go behind the scenes to look at this film 40 years later in the first of a two part episode that looks at this film as well as it's sequel Superman II in next week's episode.

We also tell you what we content we absorbed in Download This, look at news including the latest on that Avengers 4 trailer, and talk about bears doing crazy things.  It's all here as as well as a preview of next week's conclusion to our celebration of the Man Of Steel as we take a brief look at Superman II for the next episode! Enjoy!