Ride with the Bandit as we look back at the 1977 Burt Reynolds starring chase movie Smokey & The Bandit!  The Bandit decides to take on a run of bootlegging alcohol because he wants the money, but also just for the fun of it.  His partner Snowman and himself catch the pursuit of Sheriff Buford T. Justice who will cross state lines at nothing to bring the Bandit to justice and get his future daughter in law back.  Burt Reynolds is charismatic, Sally Field is spunky & fun, Jerry Reed plays the Snowman and Jackie Gleason brings comedy to the role of Sheriff Justice as only he can!  We look back at the classic Smokey & The Bandit and pay tribute to the great Burt Reynolds!

We also discuss The Christmas Chronicles now on Netflix & enjoy Kurt Russel as Santa Clause immensely!  Also the latest news including Keanu Reeves in Toy Story 4, live action The Lion King & more!  We then preview our next episode as we get ready to look back at 40 years of Superman: The Movie!