Join us as we go the 15 round distance & discuss the greatest underdog story of all time with the 1976 classic, Rocky.  Rocky Balboa gets the shot of a lifetime as the champ Apollo Creed decides to give a nobody a shot at the title to become a somebody.  Balboa walks the streets of Philadelphia living life and looking for something big in his life.  When he is given that chance he takes it and runs with it to give Apollo a fight he will never forget.  Sylvester Stallone stars in this true classic that won Best Picture in 1976!  We discuss the film and go behind the scenes of how Stallone convinced the studio to make the movie.  We also rank the Rocky films & talk about our favorite movies of the saga.

We also just got back from H-Town Podfest and talk about the event that took place in Houston with other great podcasters.We take one last look at the legacy of Stan Lee & tell you what we watched this week in Download This.  Plus a look at the latest trailers, news, & a preview of next episode, Smokey & The Bandit in this knockout punch of an episode!