Are you not entertained?  Listen and you shall be as we talk the story of Maximus, the General who became a slave who then became more powerful than Rome itself as he seeks revenge on the corrupt Emperor Commodus for the murder of his wife and son!  It is a spectacular movie starring Russel Crowe and directed by the great Ridley Scott.  We go behind the scenes of the Best Picture winner Gladiator for this week's featured movie!

In Download This we tell you what we watched this week as Mark gives a non-spoiler review of Daredevil season 3. We talk the latest news including Rick's final episode of The Walking Dead, another Star Wars television show in the works, and discuss Top Gun Maverick photos being stolen from us!  All this and an alien space probe might be watching us!  We then preview next week's film, 1976's Rocky as we get ready for Creed 2 to hit theaters!