Jack is the ruler of Halloween Town but he is tired of the same scares and theatrics year after year and needs something new in his life!  So after discovering the portals to other worlds like his he finds a magical place known as Christmas Land and naturally decides to think he can do Christmas better & make it his own.  Upon his journey Jack finds the true meaning of Christmas but also realizes his purpose of being the Pumpkin King of Halloween Town!  It's a magical amazing animated adventure from the mind of Tim Burton as we look back on this modern classic to conclude our Halloween Horrors month!

We also talk some Daredevil Season 3 in Download This and in news the Teen Titans are returning in 2019 to take on their Teen Titans Go counterparts, as well as news on Wonder Woman, Boba Fett & more.  We then preview our next film, the 1998 science fiction thriller, Dark City!