It's October & that means it's time for Halloween Horrors 2018!  We give you a month of horror films & it begins with a frightening double feature of Universal classics!  It's not safe in the waters of the Amazon as the creatre is swimming the waters looking for his next victim!  We discuss the classic Creature From The Black Lagoon!  This classic creature feature from 1954 is the movie that inspired The Shape Of Water & more in the first part of our double feature!  We then go back to 1941 and talk the Lon Chaney Jr. starring classic The Wolf Man!  Is there a curse in the town of aristocrat Larry Talbot or is it all in his mind?  Is the Wolf Man real and killing people on certain nights?  Find out in this thrilling adventure!

We also discuss the latest news including the huge television news that is Star Wars: The Mandalorian as well as the latest trailers & more!  We then preview our next film in our Halloween Horrors month, A Nightmare On Elm Street!  Enjoy....if you dare!!! 

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