Happy Halloween & welcome to our first ever Halloween Special!  As you prepare for tricks & treats this horror filled night sit back and relax with a special episode!  We look at what makes Halloween so much fun, so unique, and where it all got started.  Your hosts discuss what they enjoy about Halloween and then we talk about a movie to cap off our Halloween Horrors month!  

We discuss the Universal classic, Frankenstein Meets The Wolfman.  It's thrilling crossover like no other as two monsters clash in this tale of horror beyond your imagination!  Larry Talbot wakes up still with the curse of the Wolf in him and looks for a way to end his suffering.  In doing so he awakens a monster as bent on death and destruction as he is!  It's a duel to the death as these two monsters meet on the big screen!  We look back at the classic Universal Monster history, what will it take to properly reboot it, and discuss what makes these films stand the test of time!  All this in our Halloween Special!  Enjoy!


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