In the year 2017 the most popular show on television is The Running Man!  A game show in which contestants fight for their lives against Stalkers in a battle to the death!  If you win you get to live on a beautiful island.....but not all is as it seems!  Arnold Schwarzenegger is The Running Man in this sci-fi action film from 1987!  We talk the film in full and where it stands today!  We also discuss our favorite Arnold flick that isn't Terminator and more!

We talk the latest news including will Star Trek 4 happen, the Star Wars television show & more!  In Download This we tell you what we have watched lately and Mark says that Mission: Impossible - Fallout is a must see!  We then preview the next film we will cover, The Boondock Saints, as we get ready to cover the Fandemic Tour in Houston, Texas!  Enjoy!

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