He has a license to kill and a way with the ladies!  He is Agent 007, Bond, James Bond as we look back at Peirce Bronsan's first turn as the British Secret Agent in Goldeneye.  Rogue agent 006 has stolen the Goldeneye, a weapon that can cause Nuclear war by disrupting electronic devices, and it's up to Bond to face off with his old friend in a battle to the death.  Along the way he meets a woman who can crush people with her legs and watch as Bond drives a tank through a town to catch the bad guys!  It's a thrill a minute in this James Bond classic!

We also talk some great Bond moments in his history and a look at why Bond has endured as a classic action here!  We talk the latest trailers such as Aquaman & Godzilla and tell you what we have watched in Download This.  We then preview our next film, John Woo's action classic Hard Boiled!  Enjoy!