It's finally here!  It's epic!  It's a milestone!  It's our very special 100th episode!  Mark, Matt, & Frank are joined by their old Friend Long, a.k.a The Evil Dr. Tran as we celebrate 100 episodes of the show!  We look back on how we got this far and discuss some of our favorite episodes.  We play old games from the show such as Face Off & can't decide who would win between He-Man & Thor!  We bring back a classic game from the Rebel Radio internet show from 2006 & tell you what we have watched lately in Download This.

We go deep into Star Wars and talk about the movie that started it all for most of us.  Why is Star Wars so important to pop culture, film, and the world? What makes it so popular & what about all those wonderful toys?  Star Wars is talked in full as we discuss Episode IV: A New Hope and go behind the scenes to discuss this modern science fiction classic!  Star Wars has changed the world & changed our lives and without it we might not be podcasting about it!

We also discuss the latest news, give a list of thank yous for supporters over the last 100 episodes & try to figure out if a live action Gundam movie will work or not!  It's an epic milestone event & we hope you enjoy it!  Thank you all for making 100 episodes happen & supporting the show!

A very special thank you to Dan Price & Bonn Adame the very first people we ever interviewed!  We dedicate this episode to you guys & Bonn we miss you !