There can be only one!  Only one podcast that can talk about the fantasy classic that is Highlander!  We talk the adventures of the immortal Connor McCleod and his life lessons of dealing with immortality in his fight against the evil Kurgan.  The time of The Gathering is upon us and swords will clash as century old enemies battle it out for the power of The Quickening! We talk the original 1986 classic that spawned a popular franchise that stretched across bad sequels, a popular television show, animated adventures, and more!

In Download This we talk what we have watched lately, streamed, or played and we discuss the latest news on Star Wars, Rick & Morty, and The Predator trailer.  We are also gearing up for Comicpalooza as we talk some of our favorite moments of years past and get ready for the big show this year at the George R. Brown Convention Center in houston, Texas!  We then preview our next film, The Adventures Of Buckaroo Bonzai Across The 8th Dimension!